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The Wind River Approach
Investing the time, Charting the course, Creating the future

Wind River Holdings, L.P., a privately held organization, manages businesses in a wide range of industries. Wind River invests its resources to create compelling long-term business strategies to create value for ownership. To date, this approach has produced an impressive track record of success.

Wind River is managed by a small central organization consisting of 12 executives and staff. The portfolio companies employ over 1,520 people in North America, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Singapore.

Central to Wind Riverís success has been building companies with talented leaders. There are no substitutes for the strength, drive and enthusiasm a strong CEO brings to an organization. Wind River uses its business planning processes to help the CEO set the companyís long term goals and the operating plans to achieve them. The strategy process is conducted with a cross-functional team of the company president, key executives and high potential younger staff members. This brings a variety of business perspectives and areas of expertise into the strategic plan. The process builds commitment and enthusiasm for the final outcome across the organization. The combination of broad consensus and strong leadership has proven to be the secret to the success of the Wind River Portfolio companies.

Wind River supports the portfolio companies with access to capital, transfer of best practices between companies and a variety of administrative, tax and financial support for day-to-day operations.

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